World traveler, author, and workplace expert from various adventures, Dr. Melanie Sue Hicks, presents her latest book, “Incongruent: Travel, Trauma, Transformation.” The book is a poignant testament to her transformative journey through service travel, which she advocates as a powerful healing tool, particularly for individuals struggling in toxic work environments.

In her book, Hicks elaborates on her own experiences of navigating a workplace clouded with gaslighting, manipulation, bullying, and verbal abuse. She decided to embark on a journey of service travel, which she soon realized was a potent remedy for her struggles at work. Service travel involves assisting communities in need, like building houses, teaching English, and educating people about financial literacy.

Hicks explains how service travel boosts empathy, providing insight into the existence of toxic behavior, bringing clarity to the importance of happiness, and aiding in healing from toxicity.

“Incongruent” takes readers on a trail from Nepal to Everest Base Camp by making stops in dozens of cities and countries. Along the way, Hicks engages with a host of themes, including father-daughter relationships, unrequited love, religion, spirituality, and sexuality… to name a few.

Beyond her writing, Hicks has been a featured interviewee in numerous publications, like Forbes and Marie Claire. Her story is an inspiring call to action, urging readers to consider the unexplored potential within them. It underscores the profound value of the journey, of discovery, and the ability to heal and grow from life’s challenges.

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